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Poll: Do you do code review?

2013-04-02 1 comment
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Poll Results: Do you use OpenPGP or GnuPG?

2013-03-07 2 comments

So this poll is a bit stale but the information is interesting nonetheless.

So what do these poll results mean, exactly?  Well, scientifically not much.  I mean, I guess we could make some sort of scientific bearing here.  Let’s try:

So of the people responding to the completely voluntary poll on this not-so-well-read blog and felt the need to respond, a vast majority have setup OpenPGP or GnuPG and over half use it on at least a semi-regular basis.  That’s encouraging, really, that of the 72 respondents, 42 of you use your keys somewhat regularly and are protecting yourself.

I wonder about the 10 people that responded that you have keys but never use them.  Why is this?  You’ve come so far to not use the technology that’s been provided!

So this was fun.  Perhaps I’ll find another question to ask where I won’t forget that I asked it.

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Poll: What multi-factor authentication tokens do you own/use?

2013-03-06 4 comments

Poll: Do you use PGP or GnuPG?

2011-10-13 Leave a comment
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