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Updated ssh = authentication fail

2008-09-11 Leave a comment

I ran the updates on my server this morning. Saw a couple of ssh packages come down the pipe and didn’t think much about it. Fast forward to my return from lunch and I go to log into the server. It asked me for my password?!? What the heck? I’ve been using RSA keys for authentication for the last month or so. What’s happening? Still trying to troubleshoot this. Anyone else have this problem?

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Missing dependencies for nspluginwrapper

2008-07-18 1 comment

Just ran yum on my home server and my laptop and found I had thirteen new updates. I also found dependency problems. Apparently nspluginwrapper needs gecko-libs for the update but it is not available.

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No display after updates?

2008-06-15 Leave a comment

I think I have a problem. I did some updates that I didn’t really pay attention to earlier today. After a reboot I don’t have a display and I’m pretty sure it was affecting other things as well. I get the prompt for my LUKS password but shortly after my display goes blank and I get the floating message of “Input Not Supported” dancing across my screen. Obviously my monitor is freaking out.

Something else that was weird was that I couldn’t ping the box or access it via SSH. That leads me to believe that something else, in addition to the display, was also affected. I booted into single user mode and then went to level 5 which got me a lot further but still produced the same display issue. This time, however, I was able to get my network connection working which means I now have SSH access.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Here are the latest updates that were applied to my computer prior to the reboot:
Installed: adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch
Updated: xorg-x11-server-common-
Updated: yum-fastestmirror-1.1.14-4.fc9.noarch
Updated: yum-utils-1.1.14-4.fc9.noarch
Updated: pykickstart-1.38-2.fc9.noarch
Updated: hal-libs-0.5.11-2.fc9.i386
Updated: 1:NetworkManager-glib-0.7.0-0.9.4.svn3675.fc9.i386
Updated: hal-0.5.11-2.fc9.i386
Updated: libdvdread-4.1.2-1.fc9.i386
Updated: libdvdnav-4.1.2-1.fc9.i386
Updated: 1:NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.9.4.svn3675.fc9.i386
Updated: bluez-libs-3.32-1.fc9.i386
Updated: 1:NetworkManager-gnome-0.7.0-0.9.4.svn3675.fc9.i386
Updated: xorg-x11-server-Xorg-
Updated: logrotate-3.7.6-5.fc9.i386
Updated: gdal-1.5.2-1.fc9.i386
Updated: grass-libs-6.3.0-4.fc9.i386
Installed: flash-plugin-

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PCMCIA WiFi Card Suggestion?

2008-05-28 2 comments

Can anyone recommend a PCMCIA 802.11b/g card that works well with Fedora?

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Blackberry Use on Fedora 9?

2008-05-27 4 comments
Has anyone been able to get the Internet via their tethered Blackberry thing to work? I’m a Verizon Wireless customer and they have some pretty slick software for Windoze that allows you access to the Internet by tethering your Blackberry to your computer. Not sure if the software would play nicely with NetworkManager (I’m guessing no) but I wonder if support for this will come in the future.
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Live USB Creator for Windoze

2008-05-21 Leave a comment
Since I am away from home this week I’m stuck on my work laptop (two Windoze XP installations and a Fedora Core 5 installation). I’ve somehow trashed my F9 installation on my USB drive twice and the last time was yesterday. I thought I was going to have to wait to get back home before “fixing” my USB drive. Nope… Check out the Live USB Creator for Windoze. It took less than five minutes to get my F9 USB drive squared away. Now to go try it out. I was starting to get the willies using this “other” OS.

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2008-05-13 3 comments
My wife is working for the County Attorney of a small county in Virginia this summer. She’s doing fun stuff like rewriting a zoning ordinance while getting an inside look at how a local government works.Yesterday she took her laptop with her as she wasn’t sure if there would be enough computers to use. There were not. Her boss asked her if she could use her personal laptop to edit the ordinance. Of course she said “yes” but then commented that she only had OpenOffice on her computer. The boss’s response was a little surprising. “Really? We’ve been thinking about going with OpenOffice because we don’t like how Microsoft Office works”. She then said that she was using it on Linux (Fedora 8) and he really got excited.So with that story being conveyed to me last night I plan on sending her to work tomorrow with a shiny new Fedora 9 Live CD. This could be pretty exciting. Maybe I can start a trend there.

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