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New version of CQRLOG available for testing in Fedora

2012-10-09 Leave a comment

Version 1.5.2 of CQRLOG was released, today, and I have submitted the new version into the Fedora repos for testing.  I’d appreciate anyone using this package to test out, and provide karma for, this update.


CQRLOG now in Fedora

2012-09-06 1 comment

CQRLOG LogoCQRLOG, touted as the world’s best Linux logging program for amateur radio operators, is now in Fedora!  I’ve used CQRLOG for a couple of years and truly love this program.  It does almost everything I’ve ever wanted a piece of logging software to do including manage all your contacts, send and receive LOTW contacts using TrustedQSL, maintain a stats on major awards like DXCC, and even provides a window to a DXCluster.

CQRLOG has been pushed to Fedora 17, 18, and rawhide.  Fedora 17 and Fedora 18 versions are awaiting karma in Bodhi before being released into the wild.  If you have time and an interest in this software please test these builds and provide karma.

Open Source picture, video, and sound editing options in under seven minutes.

2012-09-05 3 comments

If you haven’t heard Máirín talk about creating art then you are missing out.  Here is a video from showing a talk on some very powerful tools available on the Linux platform:

torsocks ready for review

2012-02-06 1 comment

Ever thought “hey, I’d like to use this with Tor“?  Well, I’m giving someone in the Fedora community the opportunity to review a package that will allow  you to do just that.  Torsocks provides a “usewithtor” functionality to allow many network-utilizing programs to go over the Tor network instead of exposing your doings to the public Internet directly.  As soon as the package has made its way through the review process I plan to push it out to EPEL as well.

Updated packages for gpredict and TuDu in Fedora and EPEL

2012-01-31 Leave a comment

Last night/earlier today I pushed updates to both the Gpredict and TuDu packages in Fedora.  TuDu also resides in the EPEL repositories for those running EL5 and EL6 and those repos were also updated.  If you are a user of either of these packages I’d appreciate you testing out these new packages to make sure they work.  Both packages are awaiting karma (and love) in Bodhi (Gpredict | TuDu).

I’m also going to start working on getting the necessary dependencies into EPEL so I can ship Gpredict there as well.