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New version of CQRLOG available for testing in Fedora repos

2014-01-31 Leave a comment

Just two short weeks after the release of the previous version of CQRLOG, version 1.7.1 has been released to the public with the following bugfixes:

  • “When TRX control is not active, use frequency and mode from NewQSO window” option to Preferences->Band map added
  • CTRL+N hotkey to QSO list window added (do NOT send QSL)
  • TRX control window was not sizeable – fixed
  • when ESC was pressed twice in Remote mode, log crashed – fixed
  • program crashed when freq was entered with comma as decimal separator – fixed
  • broken grid square statistic fixed

If you can, please evaluate this new package and provide karma.  The new package should already be in rawhide.

CQRLOG 1.7.1 for Fedora 19

CQRLOG 1.7.1 for Fedora 20


New CQRLOG package available for testing

2013-11-15 Leave a comment

I’ve just built the latest version of CQRLOG, version 1.6.1, for Fedora 18 through 21.  The packages are being pushed to the updates-testing repos now and should be available soon.  If you use CQRLOG in Fedora from the repositories I’d appreciate you testing this latest build and giving karma if it works (or doesn’t work) for you.

This update provides the following enhancements and bugfixes:

  • 630M band added
  • added OQRS (online QSL request system) to QSL sent menu
  • added “Always sort by QSO date” option to Search function
  • cursor is moved to last opened log in DB connection window
  • “Ask before creating a backup” option to “Auto backup” added
  • band map is much faster, a few optimization added
  • program freezed for a few milliseconds with every bandmap refresh – fixed
  • “MySQL server has gone away” problem fixed
  • membership values collation were case sensitive – fixed
  • ADIF import sometimes crashed with access vioalation, now will show what happened
  • qrz search with right click on a call in the recent QSOs list didn’t work
  • band map font settings was not loaded when program started


New version of CQRLOG available in Fedora

2013-09-10 Leave a comment

On Sunday, 08 September, upstream developers released version 1.6.0 of CQRLOG.  This update has been pushed to the testing repositories in Fedora for versions F21, F20, and F19.  Three +1 karma feedback gets the update into the normal Fedora update repos sooner.  Please give it a test.

New version of CQRLOG available for testing in Fedora

2012-10-09 Leave a comment

Version 1.5.2 of CQRLOG was released, today, and I have submitted the new version into the Fedora repos for testing.  I’d appreciate anyone using this package to test out, and provide karma for, this update.

CQRLOG now in Fedora

2012-09-06 1 comment

CQRLOG LogoCQRLOG, touted as the world’s best Linux logging program for amateur radio operators, is now in Fedora!  I’ve used CQRLOG for a couple of years and truly love this program.  It does almost everything I’ve ever wanted a piece of logging software to do including manage all your contacts, send and receive LOTW contacts using TrustedQSL, maintain a stats on major awards like DXCC, and even provides a window to a DXCluster.

CQRLOG has been pushed to Fedora 17, 18, and rawhide.  Fedora 17 and Fedora 18 versions are awaiting karma in Bodhi before being released into the wild.  If you have time and an interest in this software please test these builds and provide karma.