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Auditing the Fedora Security Guide

It’s been a while since anyone has really gone through the Fedora Security Guide.  In the few places I’ve poked at I’ve found a massive build-up of… old stuff.  I’m quite sure that many of those commands don’t do what is said here any longer.

There are ~50 files that need to be looked at to make sure that the information is current and actually tells people the proper thing to do to secure their Linux system.  In support of this mission (that I hope to complete before the release of Fedora 21) I’ve created a wiki page that outlines the goals, explains how to help, and lists the pages that need to be audited and/or updated.  I’d appreciate some assistance if only to have more eyes looking over the pages and making comments on the wiki about things that need to be fixed.

  1. domg472
    2014-06-17 at 12:45 EDT

    I suppose you can remove “Tcp_Wrappers.xml”, since i believe that functionality is set to be removed from Fedora 21

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