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Looking for a workflow plugin for WP

Security_blog_processAt my day job we use WordPress for our blog.  Because of the multiple approval steps (editor, manager, legal, and scheduler) sometimes posts get delayed because people don’t realize there are posts waiting for review or scheduling.  This should be easier to automate.  Using the Edit Flow plugin we’ve been able to add different status categories so people can see what is in their queue.

I’d like to automate the process a bit, though.  Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that will send an email to a certain group or person when a post makes it into their queue?  Other than moving the post to the next queue I don’t want the person to have to do any manual action.  Any ideas?

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  1. 2013-10-11 at 15:51 EST

    Probably you may have looked up the solution…. But for what its worth….you can alter the base script for wordpress and insert code that tells the software to look up the status (another code modification) and if its not a set value, to either call an onboard mail service with precomposed text or give edit option and send the mail ….
    From what i guess, a fair bit of coding and probably in php….. Check if python can be used…. Will make the code easier.
    Just an idea.

  2. 2014-01-18 at 08:36 EST

    I’m the author of Oasis Workflow wordpress plugin. It might help with your workflow needs. It allows you to create workflows using a visual editor and set role based routing for the various steps.

    It changes the status automatically depending on the success/failure of the current step.

    It sends out assignments and reminder emails as per your settings and creates a separate inbox for the users with visual indication for pending inbox items.

    With the pro version, you can do auto-submits to the workflow, view reports of who is assigned what, look at the history of sign off.

    Check it out and see if it helps.

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