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Reflections on Trusting Trust

Reflections on Trusting Trust

This is an old paper written back in 1984 by Ken Thompson.  Mr. Thompson describes why it is so difficult to trust software even when you have access to the source code.  We are now reading daily about how the NSA has access to our network communications and even our computers.  If they have access you can believe that others, completely unrelated to the NSA, have access as well through many of the same software bugs or network connections.  It will be difficult to figure out how to get past these problems.  Fortunately we do have smart people thinking about these things daily.

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  1. 2013-09-18 at 15:19 EDT

    Each time someone brings this up on /., someone else posts this: http://www.dwheeler.com/trusting-trust/. Unfortunately, I have not read this yet; guess I should do this ASAP.

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