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Gemalto USB Shell Token bit the dust… Now what?

I went to sign an outgoing message tonight and my Gemalto USB Shell Token wouldn’t light up when I plugged it into my USB port.  After doing the typical troubleshooting I am left with the thought that the device has given up the ghost.  This isn’t a big problem because I saved the card the SIM came out of and I’m able to use my token on my personal laptop with a traditional card reader.  My work computer, however, does not have one of these fancy card readers (maybe I can find my USB one somewhere?).

I can buy another Gemalto device but I’m wondering if there is a better device to use?  I mean, the Gemalto lasted almost 500 signatures.  But I guess I can now take advantage of the failure to try something else.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

  1. 2013-09-05 at 02:58 EDT

    I can have tried two different types:
    – ePass 2003, purchased from http://gooze.eu.
    – Crypto Stick, from https://crypto-stick.com/

    The ePass 2003 has a more solid build, and active forums. I have only used it with SSL.
    I have only used the Crypto-stick with gpg, and not tried it with x509 certificates (SSL).

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