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FUDCon Lawrence Day 3

Day three was also quite busy. In the morning I took, and failed, my Amateur Extra exam. This wasn’t completely an unsuspecting outcome as I haven’t had a chance to really study and I was working with four hours of sleep the night before.

Afterwards we took the opportunity to have a Board meeting since so many of the Board members were at FUDCon. We covered a few topics and might have even accomplished something along the way.  I haven’t seen any report on the topics covered in the Board meeting but lets just say I was vocal on the “default desktop offering” discussion.

I quickly ate lunch (thanks Paul!) and was whisked away to the airport to catch my afternoon flight home.  After reading other people’s blogs and tweets it would appear that I was one of the few that did not have any problems returning from whence I came.  I mostly slept on the flight (thank goodness) and arrived back at BWI after dark.

Thanks to Ian Weller, Robyn Bergeron, Ruth Suehle, and everyone else for making this FUDCon a success.

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