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FUDCon Lawrence Day 2

Whew, what a day! Day two was all about getting things done outside of the BarCamp arena. There were several tasks that people were working on to make Fedora better. I was desperately trying to remember everyone I had met on Friday and continue to research topics that I heard pitched at the BarCamp.

Ben, Nick, Bob, and I also provided the resources for those that wanted to take their amateur radio (or ham radio, as it is also known as) license to do so while at FUDCon. It’s always exciting to see new people come into the hobby and providing a testing session is a great way to help those people not only get into the ham radio community but also provide that contact for them to ask questions.

Ham radio fits really well in the open source community. Hams generally have the knowledge to build equipment that they need to operate and are mostly willing to share or mentor people when asked. Some even enjoy tinkering with software that helps add functionality to their radio stations. Fedora contains many packages of interest to the ham radio community so the two really can go hand-in-hand.

I attended a brief Marketing meeting with Ruth and Sarah where I got roped in to provide information for a brochure to show what amateur radio operators can get out of Fedora. We also investigated some, ummm, other Internet resources, of which I had never been privy to, and I can safely say that my computer will never be the same (thanks Ruth!).

Late in the afternoon I gave a brief presentation on CAcert and GPG (GNU variant of OpenPGP) use, CAcert assertions, and GPG key signing. Following the presentation we accepted CAcert assertions request forms, processed those assertions, and shortly there after I led a GPG key signing event. Twenty-one people participated in the GPG key signing event and I also assured twelve for CAcert.

The GPG key signing event is quite important to me as I’d like to see Fedora’s web of trust become better connected. I’ll be updating the unofficial Fedora Web of Trust soon with new diagrams and perhaps even some calculations. More on that in a separate, forthcoming blog post.

After completing both events we went to FUDPub which was hosted at a local sports bar with an attached bowling alley. A pasta bar was provided as well were the drinks at the bar (there was a rumor of a Bruins game?). I then joined Ivan, Sarah, Dan, Rikki, and Langdon for a game of bowling (yes, I came in my normal spot, last). We had a little more time on the prepaid bowling lane so we started a second game. I was definitely doing better than the first game as I had doubled my score from the last game within the first three frames of the second game. That was when karma caught up with me and the lane closed.

After returning to the hotel I grabbed my laptop and started working on a few projects while sitting up in the lobby. I didn’t get a lot of stuff but I did get a start on a few projects including mining some public data from FAS (thanks Jon) and filing an enhancement request in FAS.

All-in-all, it was a productive day.

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