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CQRLOG now in Fedora

CQRLOG LogoCQRLOG, touted as the world’s best Linux logging program for amateur radio operators, is now in Fedora!  I’ve used CQRLOG for a couple of years and truly love this program.  It does almost everything I’ve ever wanted a piece of logging software to do including manage all your contacts, send and receive LOTW contacts using TrustedQSL, maintain a stats on major awards like DXCC, and even provides a window to a DXCluster.

CQRLOG has been pushed to Fedora 17, 18, and rawhide.  Fedora 17 and Fedora 18 versions are awaiting karma in Bodhi before being released into the wild.  If you have time and an interest in this software please test these builds and provide karma.

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