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torsocks ready for review

Ever thought “hey, I’d like to use this with Tor“?  Well, I’m giving someone in the Fedora community the opportunity to review a package that will allow  you to do just that.  Torsocks provides a “usewithtor” functionality to allow many network-utilizing programs to go over the Tor network instead of exposing your doings to the public Internet directly.  As soon as the package has made its way through the review process I plan to push it out to EPEL as well.

  1. anonymous coward
    2012-04-10 at 01:46 EST

    I built your spec file on x86_64, but when I ran torsocks this happened:

    /usr/bin/torsocks: /usr/lib/torsocks/libtorsocks.so does not exist! Try re-installing torsocks.

    (where of course the file is located at /usr/lib64/…). Perhaps you could patch it to work.

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