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FUDCon Blacksburg – Day 2

Jared explaining DocBook XML

Jared explaining DocBook XML

Whew!  I forgot how tiring these FUDCon days can be with all the work that is getting done.  It is truly awesome to see so many people come together for a common cause.

The day started with photographs, bar camp pitches, and the State of Fedora talk.  I led a talk on the Documentation Project until lunch and then sat in on the DocBook and Publican talk.  After that I sat in on the design class where Mo was discussing Inkscape.

With all the instruction done for the day (for me) I attended the CAcert Assurance event and received enough points to be assured by CAcert.  Immediately following that event, I hosted, with Nick, the GPG key signing event where 35 of us all signed each other’s keys.

FUDpub followed with games, food, and beverages for all.  I bowled a horrible game (bowling is like golf, low score wins, right?) and watched the end of a football game while enjoying some food.  I left a bit early with Smooge and Smooge Sr and hung out with them working on a few projects until I decided to hit the rack.

All-in-all a very good day and one where a lot was accomplished.

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