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FUDCon Blacksburg – Day 1

Nametags ready to be picked up at FUDCon registration.

Nametags ready to be picked up at FUDCon registration.

It. Is. Cold.  It’s not really that bad unless you are facing into the wind.  And then there is the snow.  But what’s a FUDCon without a few bumps and ice?

This morning I lead an intrepid group of Fedorians from the Inn over to McBryde.  After checking in with registration, Ian and I escaped for food and returned to hack on the tudu package and determine that my laptop won’t work with external video because of my crappy nVidia video card.  I’ll have to hack on that later.

After lunch Ian, John, and I (I was just observing) hacked on mw-render to aid in the pulling of information from the Fedora wiki and putting it into the Fedora Release Notes.  This is just a use-case, mind you, and can be used to pull any information from our wiki and put it into any of our guides.  Helpful for those that want to use the wiki as a collaborative sandbox.

Infra discussed using two-factor authentication on servers for certain groups to help protect the infrastructure that runs Fedora.

Work on mw-render turned into the writing of DocsGlue: a program that will read a MediaWiki page, turn it into DocBook XML, and the submit it to Bugzilla as a patch to a guide.  Work continued into the night…

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