It’s amazing what you learn just by poking around in YUM for plugins for Rhythmbox.  I found a plugin for GNOME Do (Do) and wondered what Do is and why I hadn’t heard about it before.  Turns out Do is a pretty powerful piece of software.  I would have probably not been as impressed in the days before GNOME 3 only because previous versions of GNOME were so mouse-centric but now that GNOME 3 is very hands-off-the-mouse Do seems like a natural fit (see the GNOME 3 cheat sheet for help with mouse-free control of GNOME 3).

So what is Do?  Specifically it is a search tool.  Search for what?  Anything  you might have laying around out there.  Maybe it’s a file on your computer or an email address in your Google Contacts or a document you have on Google Docs.  With all the plugins available you can pretty much have it search anywhere for almost anything.  And the best part about this tool is that you can do it all from the keyboard with minimal keystrokes.

And that’s not all.  Need to send a message out on identi.ca or Twitter?  Yep, it can do that too.

This post isn’t supposed to be all-encompassing so I’d encourage you to poke around the plugins and the software to see everything it can do.

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