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Fedora Web of Trust Project

I was hoping to wait a bit before announcing my project but I’m having problems getting my ducks in a row. Because of this I’m reaching out to the community for help.

I’m hoping to bring the Fedora Project Web of Trust (WoT) together to make a large WoT cloud that links all Fedora contributors together.  I have all the public keys I can find, just over 280 keys, that contain a @fedoraproject.org email address.  I want to analyze the connections (note that the link shows the links between the keys uploaded to the server and not all the keys that are available at other key servers) between these keys (signatures) to determine the number of links between all and the percentage of signatures that exist compare to the number possible.  The tools that I’ve found all seem to need a keyserver to communicate with and I could use the tools in place with existing key servers but I find the limitations given on those systems to be too… limiting..  No problem, I thought, I’ll just install all the tools locally and I can churn as much data whenever I want to myself.

So here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Collect “before” data on all PGP/GnuPG (GPG) keys for @fedoraproject.org email addresses. Done
  • Setup a keyserver to be used for working with these keys for statistical analysis.
  • Release before data to the world.
  • Help get contributors to setup GnuPG keys and submit their public key to a key server.
  • Help others host key signing parties at Fedora events.
  • Compare the results of the project at the end of 2012.
  • Release after data to the world.

I’ve already started down this path but, unfortunately, I’ve yet to get the one keyserver in the Fedora repositories, SKS, to work.  The software installs fine but doesn’t really come with much documentation on getting it setup and running.  Anyone care to help me out with this I’d be appreciative.

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  1. azneita
    2011-10-12 at 20:00 EST

    The word party caught my attention :) We’ll hold one in FUDCon Pune.

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