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My next adventure: Cloud.com/Citrix

For the past three years I’ve been working as a contractor to a government agency.  Coming from the world depicted by the US Navy the last three years haven’t been easy.  The mission I had, to secure the system we were developing from those that shouldn’t have access, recently came to a head where the government decided I had completed my mission (security is never complete and is always evolving, by the way) and they needed to trim some money from the budget.  My company made the offer for me to change projects but it seemed like it would be more of the same and would start me over from where I had been three years ago.

Seeing as how I hate to move backwards or simply tread water I starting putting my feelers out.  To my surprise I had several companies/organizations that showed interest in my career history and future potential.  One of those companies is Cloud.com (now Citrix).  I’ve been impressed by this company’s mission and work so to get an offer from them made me feel great.  Of course this means there will be changes in my knowledge base coming up.  While I’ll always have a security mindset (how can I get into this?) it’s important to keep learning new things.  Cloud computing is something that fits well with the availability portion of security and is very important for systems that just have to be up.

I’ll be officially saying goodbye to the coworkers that became my friends during the last three years on Tuesday.  Luckily, though, I’ll still be in the area and available for those Friday lunches (with ice cream!).  At the beginning of August I’ll join up with a new set of (hopefully) future friends with Cloud.com/Citrix.

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