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Fedora Docs QA Process

Notes from SELF 2011

At the SouthEast LinuxFest (SELF) a few Docs folks grabbed a room and started discussing some processes for QA with the Docs Project.

A few months ago the idea was had to have a QA team that would review the text and DocBook code to make sure what we are saying is correct and has consistent XML tags.  Several members stepped forward work this project but the process never really got off the ground and the organization never came together.

At the SELF FAD we tried to make the process easy and yet functional.  Basically we created two processes: new text and bug fixes.

The new text process involves creating the new guide/article, committing it to a repo, opening up a BZ ticket, having someone from Docs QA go through the guide making sure that the processes and procedures are correct and that the DocBook XML tags are correct and consistent, then branching the repo and publishing.  Similarly, bug fixes have their patches reviewed prior to be committed to the branch for publishing.

Not only does this give us the opportunity to “clean up” our documents before they hit the streets, this will also give us an opportunity to engage our new contributors that may not be experienced with writing in DocBook XML.

This is by no means the new “policy” but rather a proposal.  Discussion will be over on the Docs List.  I’m hoping this proposal is a win-win situation for Docs!

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