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Stepping down as Documentation Project Leader

Some of you might have noticed, between sips of highly caffeinated beverages and furiously typing out all the great documentation that this group provides, that I haven’t been around that much lately. Unfortunately just before Christmas I was given a new boss and new responsibilities that changed my daily schedule. This, on top of other changes to my daily schedule, has severely limited my ability to provide a near-constant presence in the Fedora community. As much as I hate to do this I feel that I must step down as the Documentation Project Leader to allow someone with more cycles in their day to continue the work.

This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. It was probably time for someone with new and different ideas to step up and keep the project interesting. There have been a lot of changes under my watch and I can hardly wait to see the changes that occur under the next watch.

Back in November when we were entertaining the thought of holding elections for my position, Zach Oglesby came to me and said that if I needed to bail out of the position that he might be willing to take on the responsibilities. Since then I’ve been talking with Zach and today he agreed to take on the position. I’m very excited about him accepting the position as he has been involved in every aspect of the project for a while and I know he has some exciting ideas about moving the project to the next level.

Thanks to everyone who helped me through the years (two?) that I’ve held this position. Every contributor to this project has made it successful and for that I am grateful to you all.

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