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This was written several days ago and I had forgotten that I had it pending.

I do a lot of offline work (not connected to the Internet).  Right now I’m northbound on I-95 and have been enjoying catching up on my blog reading, making changes to several guides (git and svn repos), and writing blogs (like this one) and email.  I’m trying to be productive outside of my normal access.  One thing I’m missing is some sort of offline access to Bugzilla.  I forgot to print-to-pdf tickets that I need to work on before I left and now I’m left without the tickets that include valuable information needed to fix several guides that I’m working on.

I wonder if someone has a solution for this where I could not only sync the tickets I’m working on but could also allow me to make local changes that could be sync’d once I did get Internet access.  Sort of like the git repos that I work with.  That would make my offline time that much more productive.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. 2012-02-24 at 03:07 EST

    I think both Mylyn (Tasktop) and Deskzilla have this. There might be some other desktop clients that do it, too.


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