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Help wanted: Drupal/Web Designer Guru interested in improving the Fedora Insight experience!

Are you Drupal or web designer looking for an outlet for your creativeness? The Fedora Insight team is looking for you! We have the following tasks that need some TLC by a new volunteer to the team:

1) CSS and Theme work. The CMS program Drupal gives us an excellent framework but now it needs some color! We need someone that can help design the CSS and do some work on the theme that we use that makes the Drupal installation Insight. Our own Hiemanshu Sharma has been working on CSS and could use some teammates to assist. If you have HTML/CSS experience, this is a very easy way to help the Fedora Project.

2) Expanding Insight. The current Insight goal is to serve up the Fedora Weekly News (FWN) but our next phase include rolling out this solution to other projects within Fedora. For instance, we want to be able to promote selected stories from places like the Fedora Planet that give casual readers an idea what Fedora is up to on a regular basis.

3) Drupal package maintenance. Drupal has several packages in the Fedora repos. We need some assistance with maintaining these packages, which should be a simple job as soon as Drupal 6 is accepted. Packaging in Fedora is straightforward, and there are plenty of examples to go by already, including CCK, Views, and other popular contributed Drupal modules.

Do any of these jobs sound fun to you? If so please follow these simple instructions. We’d love to have you on the team!

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