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SELF Day Three – Drupal Camp and Fedora Activity Day

Day three started off with a bang.  I met Paul at the “Beginner’s class for Drupal” during the Drupal Camp.  During that class we were given lots of good information on Drupal including how to install and set up Drupal in less than five minutes.

Several Fedorians then gathered at the local Krispy Kreme to discuss the upcoming Fedora Activity Day (FAD) that was to begin at 1PM.  Paul and Max started putting together their plan to debunk myths within Fedora.  Ian was tasked with explaining how to becoming a contributor and how to utilize the wiki.  With the best laid plans we returned to the conference center with a plan to dazzle all that attended the FAD.

The FAD began promptly at 1PM with thirty to forty participants.  Paul answered lots of questions including those regarding RPM dependency hell, that it’s difficult to get packages into Fedora, and how you don’t have to be a programmer to be a contributor.

Max took over for Paul and we were soon into becoming a contributor.  Ian walked everyone through the process of getting a FAS account and signing the CLA.  One gentleman in the crowd signed up immediately!

After going over the process we dove into filing bugs using Bugzilla.  Using an actual problem found we created the bug, gathering as much information as possible, and submitted it upstream to the Kernel Opps site.

After working through the bug we had more of a round-table discussion on Fedora.  Unfortunately it was past 4PM at this point and we needed to get on the road.  I really appreciate everyone who came out to the FAD and participated!  See you next year!

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