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New Hackergotchi

I’ve been meaning to find an appropriate photo in which to make a hackergotchi.  Of course I’m usually on the other side of the lens and thus there aren’t a lot of photos to select from.  There were also a number of requirements for said photo:

  1. The photo couldn’t look like any of my ID photos for my $DAYJOB.
  2. The photo should include me in some *nix garb.
  3. And finally, the photo had to show me.  Not just my face but also my personality.

Insert my mother-in-law.  Last year when we went to Colorado we did some Geocaching.  (Un)Fortunately for me I was able to get on the front side of her lens and she snagged a few photos of me.  All met criteria #1, some met #2 (Fedora hat), and only a couple met #3.

So thanks to Pierros Papadeas, I now have a new hackergotchi.  He made two versions for me so I’ll be playing around with them later this weekend!

Thank you, Pierros!

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