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Geocaching and Linux

Ever since I switched to using Linux, completely, the one thing that I haven’t been able to fully integrate into my computing environment is my Geocaching hobby.  This is unfortunate because there is a lot of data involved in Geocaching and I’ve always wanted to be completely paperless.

My last attempt at doing paperless caching was using a BlackBerry as my data device.  Unfortunately I found the real-time connectivity to be spotty in areas and the interface to be slow and clunky.

I’m sure there are other solutions out there that are better than the option I once tried but I think I’ve found one that will make it a little easier, albeit not completely portable.

If you Google “Geocaching Linux” the first link that comes up (at least when I did my search) is that of “Rick Richardson’s Linux tools for geocaching“.  The tools that he has put together aren’t put together with a pretty GUI front-end but are instead very powerful command-line tools that allow you to do almost anything with the data that flows from Geocaching.com website.

The one tool I was looking for, myself, was the gpx2html tool.  This tool allows you to take a gpx file, like a pocket query from Geocaching.com, and turn it into a HTML file that contains all the information on the cache you seek.

There are several other tools that you can use for solving puzzles (or making them) or getting different forms of information from the Geocaching.com website.

I’m not sure what kind of GPS-interface these programs handle but I’ve been using gpsman for a while now which allows me to just drop the GPX file directly into my GPS.

Are there any other Geocachers out there that have their own Linux software to talk about?

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