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XML -> Publican -> POTs -> L10N -> POs -> Publican -> Everyone!

I just wanted to give a shout-out to those of you that helped make the latest version of Transifex happen.  Going into F12’s release we in the Docs Team had a lot of work to do to get our Publican-built documents ready for translation.  There was also a fair amount of work that needed to be done after the translators did their magic to get the information into a form Publican liked so we can build our end documents into the variety of formats requested by you, the user.

All that extra work is no more!  The new Transifex takes the Publican-build chapter pot files and allows the translators to translate individual chapters instead of grabbing the whole document.  For document authors and editors this means that by simply generating the pot files and committing the repo Transifex automatically gets the updates.  This also means that when translators submit their work, authors and editors only have to generate those language documents, after importing repo changes, without moving any files around or changing any of the formats.

Once you start getting a lot of languages ready for publication these extra steps can be quite time consuming.  The work done to get the new Transifex up and running has made our lives, at the Docs Team, a lot easier!

Thank you!

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