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Documentation schedule for F13

I just got off of a phone conference with other Fedorians where we discussed the Documentation schedule for F13.  Wish I could say it’s ready for public consumption right now but it is still pretty ugly.  I’m sure that John (poelcat) will have it out in a few days.We worked with Noriko on the translator schedule as well.  One of the bigger changes that will be happening is that we have eliminated the freezes associated with Alpha and Beta.  It will be a continuous work in progress.  This has the benefit of allowing the translators to have time to translate the Release Notes as they are being developed and not having hundreds (thousands?) of lines of text made available to them with a short period of time to work.  The same will be done for the Guides as well.  F13 guide development started the day F12 was released so the new POT files should be made available to the translators now (pending the Transifex 0.7 upgrade).

I hope this makes for a smoother process for this release.  We will continue to tweak the process along the way as well.

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