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Docs going to CC-BY-SA

A lot of discussion and work went into the license change of all documentation in Fedora, recently. Since the summer the Docs Project has been talking about the change from Open Publications License (OPL) 1.0 to a Creative Commons license which would allow greater freedoms of our written words downstream. At tonight’s meeting we found that all the pieces of the puzzle had come together and we were ready to officially announce the change.

Now all information on the wiki and all documentation created by the Docs Project will fall under the CC-BY-SA license. This is the same license that Wikipedia recently went to and there are others that are making the same move.

I hope that the change will not only provide us with a chance to better our words but to also allow others better theirs.

If you didn’t see the announcement, please check it out. I think a press release will be forthcoming.

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