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Fedora Security Guide

Just updated the Fedora Security Guide to the new license. I had forgotten what a pain it is to update guides that are also packages.

First each guide has to be “built” into the following formats: html, html-single, pdf, SRPM (if it is a package, too). All the html and pdf files go to a different directory to be uploaded into CVS and then marked LIVE so they will be updated on docs.fp.o. Then you have to run all your checks against your spec and SPRM and rebuilt RPM to make sure all that is correct. Import it into cvs and build and update the package into all the different builds you want. After all this is over you’ve burned about a half hour or more and that is only for one language.

Right now we are only shipping the Security Guide package in English while it is available on docs.fp.o in Espanol and Nederlands as well as English. I’ll be updating those versions later tonight after I make supper.

I will take a moment to thank all the translators that take our work and turn it into love that so many others can enjoy and use. Thanks!

As soon as things get settled at my $DAYJOB, again, I’m hoping to get back into writing so hopefully the Security Guide, and the other guides that I have my fingers in, will contain more information. By the way, we accept patches and idea and bugs, all which help to improve the output.

So go check out the latest!

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