After the Fedora Activity Day (FAD) for the Documentation Project. Wow, this was a great idea! It was great to have almost all of our heavy-hitters in one room for the day. Topics covered today were “What went wrong? What went right?” during the Fedora 11 release last week, things we need to figure out for the Fedora 12 release (which is coming up soon), and we learned how to create packages for Fedora. You can read our meeting summary on the wiki.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of time this morning to cover everything but I hope that we can create a dialogue with the rest of the Docs Project community to cover these areas to improve our F12 release.

This afternoon, however, was very exciting for me. Packaging has been something that has been foreign to me since I joined the Project a couple of years ago. Those in attendance that had packaging experience instructed those of us who didn’t and we got to work packaging the remaining Zikula modules needed to stand up our new CMS solution. We all worked on the first one of which I submitted and then we all began work on additional modules (I’m still working on mine). Hopefully we can get these modules packaged up soon so we can get our CMS up and running on docs.fp.o.

All in all, we had a very productive day. I just wish everyone could have physically been in Clemson to attend this wonderful event. We did have some of our members attend remotely thanks to Talk, IRC, and Gobby. I wonder if this is something we can do “regularly” for its working and social benefits. I hope everyone learned something today. I know I learned a lot, myself.

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