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Publican ready for Fedora (or an update to the Security Guide)

I was tasked with getting the Fedora Security Guide packaged and ready for Fedora 11.  This turned out to be a lot more work than I thought and it wasn’t all my work. 

Publican has been used to create over 300 documentation packages for Red Hat but none, really, for Fedora (I think Publican’s documentation is in the repo).  Jeff Fearn closed a bunch of tickets over the last couple of weeks and fixed all of the problems we were seeing earlier today with the release of Publican-0.40.  This is a two-fold win.  The first is that I think I have all the issues fixed in the security guide package (there were some that were Publican issues and a lot that were not).  The second is that the next documentation projects (SELinux?) will be a lot easier to get through the process.

There is still a lot of work to be done.  Right now the text is being validated to make sure everything that is written is correct.  After that is completed the sections will be rearranged and the languaged smoothed to create an easy to read document that will help readers with make decisions on their personal security initiatives.

We are targetting the big release to be ready in time for Fedora 11.  If you would like a sneek peek, I have posted the SRPM, RPM, and PDF versions on my Fedora People site and the web version is available on the docs.fedoraproject.org website.  We appreciate feedback via the Trac instance on Fedora Hosted but updates may not be worked on until after the main portion of work is completed.

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