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A while back I started working on security documents for a “Fedora Security Guide”. Shortly after the wonderful Red Hat folks in Australia pushed a lot of information to the community that fast forwarded the guide.

All that was back in July and August and while I’ve been working on $DAYJOB stuff since, I’ve come back to take the bull by the horns and really dig in to get this project moving. With a lot of help from Mike (mhidio), Murry (mdious), and Karsten (quaid), I’ve packaged the documentation into various forms and have created a SRPM and a RPM to ease the installation. On 14 Dec, I submitted a ticket to have the package reviewed. I am hopeing it will be approved soon so we can start getting down and dirty with the release early, release often policy.

In the mean time, I have the SRPM, RPM, PDF, and html versions available on my fedora people site. Please understand that I have not combined all the work together, yet, so there may be duplicate information and some of the information might not be there, yet. And while we don’t have a bug ticketing system in place today, I would like to hear your feedback. We hope to have a solution where we can officially take feedback and work on fixes. If you do have any comments in the mean time, please feel free to send them to me. I’ll forward them on to the group for comment. I can’t promise that everything will be fixed in a timely manner right now as we are still trying to convert things from the wiki to XML but our hope is to have a project mostly complete in time for F11. After that we can really dig into what is missing.

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