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Upgrade to F10 and more LUKS control.

I’ve been running F10 on my laptop since it was in Beta but not on my home “server”.  Last night I finished backing up all the data and installed the 64-bit version on the server and worked to get all the packages straight.  I still have to get Asterisk working properly and get my USB-to-serial connection working but overall it was a painless process.

I did file one ticket, however, for a feature request for upcoming versions of Fedora.  When installing Fedora, in addition to the box that you can check to encrypt your hard drive, I’d like to see an “advanced” button there where I can select additional LUKS features such as encryption type or maybe even multiple user keys.  While I think that most people would be happy with the standard AES-128 encryption that LUKS uses, it would be nice to have choices.  Maybe we’ll see that in the future.  In the mean time, I’m going to sit back and work on some of these issues I’m having and enjoy a long weekend of food and family.

Thanks to all that made F10 what it is!

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