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What happened to the week?!? (Things to do this weekend.)

Last week I made a list of things to do. As one might think I didn’t strike many things off that list. So now to put a list together for this weekend.

  • Read about the Feature Wrangler job and what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing.
  • Work on the Security Guide. (Waiting on a few things to happen, first.)
  • Add a conference room to my Asterisk server.
  • Figure out Asterisk voicemail.
  • Install CentOS 5.2 on the server and configure Asterisk and OpenVPN.
  • Get virtualization up and working on my laptop and install OpenSolaris.

Yep, you read that last one right. I’m planning on taking my “big” box and turn it into a fully dedicated server for the house. I have some plans that will be coming up (like EAP-TLS for the network, DHCP, DNS) and I’d prefer to have something more enterprise than developmental. Plus that will give me something else to play with. So I guess I’ll start working on backing up the /etc and all the user files tonight so I can get on it tomorrow morning.

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