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Wheels on deck. And now, the weekend…

After flying to and from Florida this week I proudly announced feet dry and am now elbow deep in the documents that I retrieved from this latest mission. Hopefully this will all be cleaned up by early next week where I’ll get to take a breather.

My wife hasn’t put anything on my calendar for the weekend so it looks as if I might be able to do some ME stuff starting Saturday morning. So here is my personal to-do list:

  • Read about the Feature Wrangler job and what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing.
  • Print a list of the current categories that are listed in the wiki.
  • Try to make a dent in the hundreds of pages in the wiki that aren’t categorized.
  • Fill up a garbage bag with stuff that doesn’t need to be in my office at home.
  • Work on the Security Guide.
  • Figure out who is working on the SELinux wiki pages.
  • Work on the SELinux project.
  • Add a conference room to my Asterisk server.
  • Figure out Asterisk voicemail.
  • Get Apache, PHP, and MediaWiki going.
  • Anything else?
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