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Missing dependencies for nspluginwrapper

Just ran yum on my home server and my laptop and found I had thirteen new updates. I also found dependency problems. Apparently nspluginwrapper needs gecko-libs for the update but it is not available.

Categories: Fedora 9
  1. 2008-07-18 at 21:40 EDT

    Yeah, the xulrunner package update got pushed without all the packages depending on it being rebuilt and pushed too. I’ve dispatched the Fedora army of package-monkeys to deal with it.No, I just made that last part up. But seriously, people are fixing it as we speak. I even got down in the mud and helped (?) get some of the broken pieces put back together. Sorry this happened, and I’m going to see if we can’t do a better job of preventing this in the future.

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