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Asterisk Up and Running… mostly

The Fedora Talk project inspired me to get my Asterisk box back up and running again. Joat and I had been working on this project a few months ago but I gave up after thinking I couldn’t get a cheap VoIP. Joat pointed me to a phone that was around $40 and that sparked my interest again.

Tonight we got the kinks worked out so that our servers are linked together using IAX2 (pronounced Eeks) and we can communicate with no problems. I had attempted to create a SIP connection to the Fedora Talk server but there is where the problem lies. I can register to the server but I get authentication errors when I try to make a call through that “link”. It MIGHT be on the Fedora side but I’ll have to talk someone on the Infrastructure Team to find out.

Otherwise, the next step to this whole mess is securing the links between Joat’s server and my server. There is the talk about encrypting just the IAX2 link but that would leave some red traffic on the SIP side of the house and that won’t help me once I move to my next phase which will include a lot of SIP traffic which HAS to be encrypted.

So the experiment continues. I’ll write more as my work continues.

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