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Wine != Windows…

I’m trying to get some specialized amateur radio software to work on my F8 and my F9 installations. Unfortunately I’m having issues.

  • Echolink
    • Echolink is a VoIP solution that links amateur radio operators, repeaters, radios, and conference rooms with each other. Under my F8 installation it looks horrible. Forget about it actually working properly with my sound card. Under my F9 installation (on my laptop) it behaves a lot better. Unfortunately the audio is very broken. Unsure what the problem is here.
  • Airmail
    • Airmail is an e-mail-like program that interfaces with a radio allowing you to connect to an e-mail server over a radio link allowing you to connect and send messages from hundreds or thousands of miles away. I haven’t tried it on my laptop, yet, but on my F8 installation it does something really weird. When I compose a message the text doesn’t show up in the edit box. This is a little more than annoying. I’ll be testing this out on my F9 box later tonight.
  • Logging Software
    • There is a piece of logging software that worked really well. Of course it won’t work under Linux and even though Bob has done an excellent job getting packages together for amateur radio operators I haven’t found a piece of logging software that fully integrated all the parts that many active hams are looking for.

So I’m contemplating installing XP on my laptop, again. I do not want to do this but with Hurricane Season coming up fast I need to make sure I’m ready for emergencies. With the exception of the last item on my list I need to get the two top items remedied fast. I’m continuing to search for a solution.

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  1. 2008-05-08 at 06:15 EDT

    Why not try VirtualBox and install windows there? It has a very convenient seamless mode. I’ve been very impressed with VirtualBox.

  2. 2008-05-11 at 11:50 EDT

    joel,I’m trying this now but am running into problems. Hopefully I’ll be successful.

  3. 2008-05-14 at 01:43 EDT

    joel,I can’t get it to accept the serial port. Any ideas?

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