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The proposed adventure… F8 to Vista to F9

Amanda purchased a ThinkPad Z61 last summer before she started law school. The laptop came preloaded with Microsoft Vista which lasted almost a month before problems overran the sparkle of a new OS. Unfortunately the semester had already begun and we weren’t willing to possibly break a production system that did halfway work. At some point the sound on her computer stopped functioning. I attributed the problem to Vista acting up and not liking the hardware but as you will see (or read) it wasn’t Vista or so we think.

After the Fall semester was over and final exams were no longer an issue we copied all of here data off the laptop and installed the recently-released Fedora 8. All the data was transferred back and she was off and running.

There was a slight learning curve but generally she didn’t have many problems. She was already using Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice so the only learning curve was that of the operating system itself. Once she got the basics down (I’m still trying to teach her about the CLI) it was smooth sailing.

Remember I mentioned the sound not working on her Vista installation? Well I thought it would come back and work when we installed Fedora 8. No such luck which tells me it is probably a hardware issue. Her laptop is covered by a nice warranty and she can get it repaired her school just by dropping it off at their support team office. The biggest issue with doing this that I’m sure the school support people aren’t going to even do anything with the computer while it has Linux installed on it. I’m fairly certain it is a hardware issue and I’m also fairly certain that if the laptop shows up with “foreign” software on board then they will just say they can’t fix it and hand it back over.

The solution… put Vista back on the laptop. What? Is he really going to go back to that horrid, proprietary software? Nah… The changeover comes just after Fedora 9 hits the street so the plan is to downgrade the laptop to Vista, let them fix it, and then bring it home and upgrade it to Fedora 9. I’m excited, Amanda’s excited (to hopefully see some of the bugs fixed), so there is excitement here in the household.

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  1. 2008-04-09 at 02:30 EDT

    Just pull the hard drive before sending it in.

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