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DOC v. PDF v. ODF… size wise

At my job we create very large documents for customers explaining how we are going to test their systems. These documents are usually a couple thousand pages long which means the files can also get pretty large.

I got curious to see how big the file would be based on the “type” of file that it was. Here are some of the numbers I came up with:

Microsoft Word .DOC file = 30,627 KB
Adobe Acrobat .PDF file = 12,610 KB
OpenOffice.org .ODT file = 1,052 KB

There is something that just isn’t right about those results. You mean to tell me that I could just e-mail that one file to my customer instead of burning one of the other files to a CD or DVD and FedEx’ing it to them? I guess this also shows how bloated Microsoft makes their documents. I wish I could use OpenOffice at work!

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  1. 2008-04-02 at 21:36 EDT

    How did you create the individual documents? If you created the .doc document at the beginning and over several days and with auto-save on then you got a lot of “useless” information on the document. If you just converted them into PDF and ODF then those information are not in the other document.It would be more interesting if the same text was written down by two indiviual person once in MS Word and once in OpenOffice. And both programs with the same features on.But thank you for bringing up this topic.Raffael

  2. 2008-04-02 at 23:03 EDT

    I have made a small test using Sansa c250 manual reference. Having only copy and paste text on each office, Microsoft Word 2000 and Open Office Writer 2.4, here is the result:test.doc 103kbtest.odt 29kbtest.pdf 84kb

  3. 2008-04-02 at 23:59 EDT

    I think the new Word format, DOCX now uses a zip-compressed container, like ODF. I’d like to see Office 2007 added to this comparison.

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