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I’m scared of my upcoming Vista experience.

I just got “training” on purchasing computers for the Fortune 100 company I work for. We do a lease with a large computer company and we send back computers that have expired warranties and lease new ones a few times a year.

After seeing the “Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Business…” statement on the laptops we asked for this morning I has a sudden flashback to looking at the sticker on my laptop (“Warranty End: 11/03/2008”). YIKES! I hadn’t thought I would be thrown under the bus so soon.

So I’m grasping at straws to try to make this event less painful. Due to my position, I have two XP partitions and a Fedora (FC5) partition on my laptop. I don’t really use the Fedora side of the house unless I’m really trying to… umm… break something. This is largely due to my inability to connect to my company’s e-mail server without using the “Exchange” protocol. I’ve tried IMAP4 and POP3 without success. I need to call the helpdesk but I don’t really want to alert IT that I’m doing something outside the scope of their… umm… expertise.

So it looks like I have a few months before anything happens but I’m going to be looking hard at installing CentOS 5.1 with a couple of VMs (F9, Rawhide, etc). I might even install a Vista VM just so I know how to attack it.

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  1. 2008-03-28 at 17:40 EST

    You can try to use evolution with their exchange connector. It worked OK with the exchange server of the last place I worked for, although you gain the “opportunity” to experience evolution and its gazillion bugs.

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