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F9, again… No Suspend Mode?

Well, I loaded Fedora 9 Alpha (mostly Beta) onto my laptop, again. Everything seems to be working pretty well but I am having one fairly large problem.

So when I close my laptop lid the system goes into suspend mode and everything is happy. When I come back to my sleeping monster and lift the lid I get a couple of strange messages. The first one says that my machine didn’t actually go into suspend mode, even though I think it really did, and that I may need to visit some non-Red Hat, non-Fedora page for more information or additional software. The second problem is that I get a kernel error.

Strangely enough, Amanda is seeing the same “your system didn’t go into suspend mode” message now and she is using Fedora 8.

Haven’t really had time to figure out what is going on, exactly, but I will be investigating this more later this week.

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