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Coming up for air.

Well it has been an interesting past few weeks. Four days before I was supposed to fly to Chicago to test a system I got the flu. My boss came down with the flu the day before I did so I’m blaming him for my illness. I finally went to the doctor who confirmed the diagnosis and gave me some meds to take. I was not to leave the house, much less travel, until two days after I was supposed to be there. Needless to say I didn’t make it to Chicago. Luckily my friend and coworker, Jeremy, was able to go and get most of the work done that was necessary. I lost roughly forty hours of productivity to my customer during my illness.

After Jeremy returned I was given two weeks to evaluate all the network equipment and get all the reports out. I lost sixteen hours to training and ten hours to an “urgent” project that came up. Today I’m happy to report that all the reports went out the door.

So with all that said I’m trying to tackle the 150+ messages in my “Fedora Project” folder and trying to figure out what I was trying to do with the Crypto Guide that needs to be completed before Fedora 9 comes out. Hopefully I can get some work done this week before I leave to head to the parents’ house on Saturday.

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