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Fedora 9 on a VM

I knew it was time to get into using VMs. I’ve used them in the past for testing systems but never on a Fedora platform. Last night I setup KVM, with the help of EvilBob, and installed Fedora 9 Alpha (because I’m one of those people that “Can’t Stand The Wait“).

I messed around with it for a while last night but couldn’t get everything straight. The biggest problem I was having was getting the virtual LAN to function correctly. Something clicked this morning and I was able to get everything communicating. Of course the first thing I do is run ‘yum update’ and find out there is nearly 600MB of updates. So that ran through brunch and finished a short time ago. Now I’m just playing trying to see what’s new and what’s broken. I really haven’t found much that was broken but I have found a couple little goodies that I’ll talk about later.

If you are wondering if I’m writing this blog running Fedora 9 Alpha with the shiny “trunk build” of Firefox 3 then you would be correct. Yep, lots of shiny new toys to play with.

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