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Fedora Docs – Yum-Utils

Oh boy did I ever learn some stuff tonight. I’ve been working on the Software Management Guide that about four or five other contributers have been building for the past year or so. They did an excellent job with the guide and I just added in a few pieces here and there.

Well the big plug-in that hadn’t been documented was Yum-Utils. I didn’t do a bang-up job at documenting all the utilities that are in the package but I did get some good information from the man files to give a summary of what each tool did. Tomorrow I plan to look back at what I wrote and see what I can improve.

I was pretty impressed by Yum-Utils, though. There is a lot of power packed into those seven little utilities. If you haven’t taken a look at these utilities I recommend giving them a read.


Now onward to the Encryption and Privacy Guide.

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  1. 2008-01-30 at 19:21 EST

    ..About your Privacy & Encryption Guide.. Do you find that after you’ve typed in your LUKS password that Fedora 8 continues to boot in text mode rather than graphically? (or have I done something wrong?)Cheers,Nick

  2. 2008-01-31 at 02:51 EST

    After I type in my LUKS password F8 continues to boot in text mode on my system, too.

  3. 2008-02-11 at 11:57 EST

    thanks eric, on F7 the graphical boot worked fine, tiz a shame I miss the eye-candy ;o)

  4. 2008-02-11 at 12:54 EST

    Well don’t worry, your eye-candy should return with F9. I did the install with the not-so-fancy LUKS encryption and because it is better integrated you should get your eye-candy back.

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