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My USB Pouch/Key Chain

So let me tell you about one of my Christmas presents I got from my wonderful in-laws. You can see the picture (sorry about the lighting) on the left but I’ll explain it a bit better.

It is a “key chain” of sorts that holds two USB drives. The picture shows it opened but it folds in the middle and secures with hook and loop fasteners. Now I just thought this was the neatest thing when I unwrapped it. Now I can easily carry my USB drives in my pocket and I never loose them because they are always with my keys.

You must be wondering what this has to do with Fedora being this is on my Fedora blog. Well, I’ll tell you. The drive on the right is a 2GB Corsair drive that holds a live version of Fedora 8. If I’m lost and can’t find a Linux computer to work with I can just boot to my USB drive and be safe again.

The drive on the left (go Pirates!) is an experiment of mine. Being only 128MB I couldn’t carry a lot of stuff around (not that I ever do, really) but I decided that I could carry my digital key rings on this. They are individually encrypted, of course, to prevent someone from just grabbing my “keys” and running away with them and compromising my security. But it allows me to keep all of my “keys” together in one place and if/when I need them on the road (at work) then I can pull them off, decrypt them, and be safe again.

So before my little USB pouch/key chain I rarely carried a USB drive with me. Now I have my experiments and keys with me always which inspires me to use them more and thus has increased my security posture.

Thanks guys!

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  1. jrp
    2008-01-31 at 00:53 EST

    That’s actually pretty nifty. Especially given the propensity of the Corsair Flash Voyager drive’s cap to come off, and other likes it.Can’t you use the smaller USB key as an actual physical “key ring” containing your passwords etc. I think it’s possible anyway.

  2. 2008-01-31 at 02:52 EST

    I could use the smaller one as a “key ring” but I’ve beaten it up enough riding around in my pocket and I think it deserves some TLC, now. :)

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