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This weekend in Asterisk

When my alarm went off at 5 AM this morning it interrupted a dream I was having about Asterisk. While I can’t quite remember the specifics I’m sure it included the perfect settings for my extensions.conf, sip.conf, and iax.conf files. Just another reason to keep a piece of paper next to the bed to make middle-of-the-night notes.

So Joat and I worked over IRC to get Asterisk setup on my computer. Running Fedora 8, the installation was quite easy. What wasn’t so easy was getting my head wrapped around the three big files (extensions, sip, and iax) that control Asterisk. With a semi-guru helping me do the configuration, understanding Asterisk wasn’t too bad (maybe I should read the book).

I have big plans to link my family together using SIP phones. Of course this is nothing more than a big experiment for me. If it works then I’ll be happy.

I’m still waiting for my FWD account to be setup with IAX capabilities. As soon as that happens the real fun begins. I’ll talk more about my setup later.

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