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Fedora Docs – Software Management Guide Notes

I just updated the Software Management Guide in the Fedora Docs Wiki. The yum-security plugin that I read about in Red Hat Magazine was the latest entry. I also added some information on the yum-downloadonly plugin.

Things left to put into the Software Management Guide Notes for plugins:

yum-fastestmirror.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-metadata-parser.i386 1.1.2-1.fc8
yum-updateonboot.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-updatesd.noarch 1:0.9-1.fc8
yum-aliases.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-allowdowngrade.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-arch.noarch 2.2.2-2.fc7
yum-basearchonly.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-changelog.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-cron.noarch 0.7-1.fc8
yum-fedorakmod.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-kernel-module.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-merge-conf.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-presto.noarch 0.4.3-1.fc8
yum-priorities.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-protect-packages.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-protectbase.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-refresh-updatesd.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-security.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-skip-broken.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-tsflags.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-upgrade-helper.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-utils.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8
yum-versionlock.noarch 1.1.10-1.fc8

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