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FUDCon 2008 Raleigh – Initial Comments

FUDCon 2008 was held at Red Hat Headquarters in Raleigh this year. Tim (joat) and I made the trip from Virginia being that it was so close. We attended sessions of the following subjects and here are some notes I took.

Fedora in the Enterprise
I think everyone was interested in this topic as we all know that Fedora wasn’t designed for Enterprise use as it isn’t supported in the same manner as RHEL is. But there is definitely a need for Fedora’s mindset. “Fedora is good for today, RHEL is good for the next seven years”. I’m going to look back at my notes and add some more to this topic later… it’s late.

Okay, now this was a neat topic. Anytime I hear about Geospatial data I get very interested. I’ve done a lot of work when I was working for the State and also when I was active with APRS I was very interested in GIS data.
This project was very cool. There are a number of open source software packages out there that work with Fedora that allow GIS data to be measured, served up, and managed a lot faster than what you can do with Windows boxes and commercial products. PostGIS is one of those programs and it uses a Postgres database to manage all the data. Using other programs like Grass and GDAL allow even more functionality. The US Fish and Wildlife in North Carolina is already using these tools and the rest of the United States is quickly moving over to this system. More on this later…

Fedora TV
Fedora TV is a two-fold project for Fedora. Not only does this project fix the problem with what to do with all the video information that is generated for Fedora, but also provides a sandbox to create an open source video standard. They have enlisted Lulu TV to help work with this project. I’ll be commenting on OGG and OGM formats later.

Well, this presentation left my head spinning with ideas. I knew about Asterisk and how it functioned, which is what the presentation focused on, but it did give me some information that I will have to start working on to build my Asterisk setup and get some SIP phones out in the field to play with.

All in all we had a ball today. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we went. I’ll try to write more about this later this week. Now I’m going to hit the sack…

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