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FUDCon 2008 Raleigh – Kitchen Pass Received.

Well, I think I got my kitchen pass to go to FUDCon Raleigh 2008 at Red Hat Headquarters next weekend. The Friday and Sunday sessions look like they might be over my head but I might be able to handle Saturday. I’m waiting to hear from Joat to find out if he got his kitchen pass, too. Hopefully he’ll be able to sneak out of the house for the day and I think his wife might let him as long as he promises not to bring home any more WiFi antennas or computers. I cannot make such promises but my storage building behind the house isn’t filled to capacity either.

Looking at the schedule it looks like the TriLUG meeting is the Thursday before the event so it would be interesting if I had the time off and the money to actually go down for the TriLUG meeting and then be there for all three days of FUDCon. I don’t see that happening right now, however. Oh well, maybe I can get the Saturday sessions in…

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